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What is Gap pay?

Gap Pay is paid to all employees who are between assignments and have fulfilled the simple criteria listed in their Contract of Employment. Brookson will pay 7 hours at National Minimum Wage for each week when you are available for work but have no assignments to undertake.

You simply need to request the Gap Pay Application Form from the umbrella team and return it to us to confirm your availability for the next week. You will also need to tell us when your assignment is due to come to an end and keep in touch with us in case you secure a new assignment with us, secure further work elsewhere or if you need any assistance from us in securing a new assignment through recruitment agencies.

If you forget to send the Application Form to us, we will not pay you Gap Pay until a form is received and you confirm that you do not have a new assignment which is due to start at any point in the future.

Updated on 28th September 2021

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