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What other costs can you claim when working from home?

You can claim costs such as providing equipment, services and supplies to an employee who works from home – this is on the basis that they are used only for business purposes and any private use is insignificant.

This includes laptops, tablets and computers. Also you should consider the following:

Personal mobile phone costs 
Ideally you should ensure your mobile phone contract is in your company name- this will enable you to benefit from tax relief on the total cost of your phone bill. However, your company can reimburse you for the itemised business calls you incur using your personal mobile phone.

Home phone
Similarly, your company can reimburse you for itemised business calls you incur using your personal home phone. If you have a dedicated business line separate to your own personal line then this is claimable in full.

Additional household expenses may include your broadband charges in certain circumstances. If you begin to work from home under home-working arrangements and are already paying for a broadband internet connection at home, there is no additional expense to be claimed. However, if you require this to be installed, then this is an additional cost of working from home and therefore can be claimed. In this case, it must be principally for business use with insignificant private use.

You can also claim general running costs you can claim listed here

Updated on 13th November 2023

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