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How is my P11d benefit in kind calculated for my car?

If your company car (owned, leased or hired by the company) is available to you for personal use, then a benefit in kind arises and is taxed on your personally.

In order to work out the value of the benefit, you need to collate the following information:

  • Find the price of the car – this is the list price when new and you should add any additional accessories if these weren’t included in the list price.
  • If you have made a capital contribution to the car, this should be deducted from the list price.
  • The list price is then multiplied by a percentage based on the car’s CO2 emissions.
  • There may be further adjustments to this figure if the car was not available during the tax year.

Calculation example

A director has a company car with a list price of £38,639.

Its CO2 emissions are 119 g/km.

If we look at the table for 2019/20 we will multiply the list price by 27% so the BIK is £10,432 if you had private use of the vehicle for the full tax year.

If the car is diesel, then there is a 4% supplement added – so the percentage applied would be 31%.
(The maximum percentage that can be applied to the list price is 37%.)

Therefore the director will pay personal tax on this amount, if he is higher rate tax payer, this will be £10,432 x 40% = £4,172.80.

The company will also pay Class 1A National Insurance of £10,432 x 13.8% = £1,439.61.

Updated on 15th May 2020

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